Tuesday, September 21, 2010

David Suzuki Foundation

Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is generally recognized as one of the most significant environmental challenges facing out planet today(2). According to National Sciences, Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or for the entire Earth(4). Biodiversity is often used as a measure of the health of biological systems. Many scientists consider humans as the most invasive specie, as humans can greatly change an environment and impact living things that reside there. But are humans only causing a negative impact on our environment?
Humans, we are also capable of giving back to the environment, such figure as, David Suzuki. David Suzuki was born March 24, 1936 and is a Japanese Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmentalist activist. His story begun back in 1989, as he sounded alarm to as where the planet was heading. Over 17, 000 of his shocked fans sent him letters asking for ways to avert the catastrophe. After many meetings, something significant was afoot and finally in September 14, 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation was Incorporated.

The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.” - David Suzuki (3). David Suzuki's early projects were international because project dollars could go much further overseas. They worked with the Ainu of Japan to protect salmon, indigenous people of Columbia, and the Kayapo people of Brazil. A project was started in Australia and worked with the Hesquiat people of Vancouver Island to restore a clam fishery. Though all these projects were in process, they needed guiding principles to steer the direction of the foundation. Together, as a group they wrong “The Declaration of Interdependence”. At the Rio Earth Summit, portions of their decelerations where woven into the work of others around the world to from the Earth Charter, who adherents are still growing.

The David Suzuki Foundation targets towards many issues. Climate change, Health, Oceans, and Wildlife and habitat. Climate had projects such as: “Trottier Energy Futures Project”, and the Olympics, to ensure solutions for reducing the climate impact of the 2010 Olympics, the David Suzuki Foundation developed strategies for a carbon neutral games(1). Health includes projects such as: “What's inside? That Counts?”, this involves U.S. Researchers which found that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers and degreasers. Another project being, “Go Pesticides Free,” pesticides being chemicals that are designed to kill, The David Suzuki Foundation recommends choosing local, organic produce, whenever possible, and doing away with the so-called cosmetic use of pesticides on lawns, gardens, and house plants(1). Oceans contains projects such as the “Health Oceans Project.” Since Oceans provide us with many benefits, including food, oxygen and cultural recreational and economics opportunities. The effects of industrial fishing, pollution, and climate change combine to pose a constantly increasing threat to coastal and marine environments and wildlife(1). Lastly, Wildlife and habitat contains projects such as “Grizzly bears, and Habitat Matters” that both deal with helping the increase of endangered animals.

The following are the images of the projects in which David Suzuki in making a difference in biodiversity and in our world. In conclusion, we see that one of many foundations such as the David Suzuki Foundation makes an effort into making a difference in our economy and having a positive effect in our environment rather then a negative one. 

"We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options." - David Suzuki. (3)

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Anker is amazing said...

Vilma! I really love how you chose to focus on David Suziku. As I was reading through your blog, I found a lot of interesting facts about him that I had never knew about. His top goals were to protect the climate and nature, transform the economy and to build a community. During the video David Suzuki had said, "We are the environment". I agree with this statement because it's upto us if we want to protect our planet or not. His effort that he put into his foundation amazes me. If one person like David Suzuki can make a difference, we can too. Humans can positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. I'm not saying this just because I have too, but as I researched about it, I found out that there are many organizations out there that human involvement is clearly being used in a positive way. As more humans continue positively impacting our ecosystems and making a difference, maybe the media can decrease the negative consequences due to human interaction.
I think you did a really good job on this blog Vilma!

-Anker Gonsalves

kmae. said...

I've always personally admired David Suzuki for his efforts in preserving the world we have and trying to change it for the better. He's the perfect example of the fact that we CAN make a difference in our world. We don't necessarily have to start off with some cash and protests asking for things to be done. David Suzuki proves that if you want something to be done, you can do it yourself whether it's a small or large contribution. He also tries to keep people informed of what's going on and educates the rest of the world on how we can all contribute to the growing change in the world as a whole. Positive intervention is humanly possible, now it's a matter of drilling that into people's heads.

Megan said...

David Suzuki is definitely a role model of mine and probably of anyone who wants to make a difference. He seems very commited to his cause; which is simply trying to make a difference on the way we use/treat our resources in every single humanly way possible. I really like how you also listed projects that his foundation was able to successfully contribute to; for example, being a huge fan of the Olympics I was astonishingly surprised to find that The David Suzuki Foundation tryed to reduce the carbon usage at the games. Your blog was very insightful and has really shed some light on the commitment of the wonderful David Suzuki.

nicoco016 said...

David Suzuki is a perfect role model for protecting the biodiversity of our planet! I liked how you were really informative and i also learned a few new things; for example, i had no idea that he created solutions for reducing the climate impact of the 2010 Olympics. Thats a perfect way to show the world that we can have our excitement, but we should take our planets well being into consideration. I also have a very strong appreciation for our worlds ocean life and knowing that he his doing something to help it makes me feel hopeful for the future. David Suzuki is an amazing individual and shows us that we CAN make a difference!
- Nicole

michelleseguinn said...

I think that David Suzuki is an amazing role model when it comes to helping the world and making a difference in Biodiversity. I was not aware that he produced a movie of his actions and ways in which we can help make the world a better place. I think that this is a great way to publicitize projects that he is currently working on. To promote our ownselves taking action and following in his footsteps.
David Suzuki's projects are really quite amazing. He is helping many different parts of the world rather than just one part itself. For example, as you stated above he is helpingthe ingenious people of Columbia but also along with that he is helping the people of Brazil and Australia. Just from watching the clip you have posted here, it does give me faith that humans really can positively affect the environment. I think David Suzuiki, is a great role model for everyone, and we can learn alot about him, and from him by just simply watching his actions. What he does for the environment, the amount of passion he has for thie environment. I think your blog was so good! And I really like how you chose to concentrate on David Suzuiki.

Grace El-khechen said...

your blog was very insightful it contained alot of information about the initiaves that David Suzuika has taken and the different organization he's involved in. i loved how you quoted him, as it helped the reader get a better understanding on his train of thought. your blog was great but it would of been nice if you stated your oppinion on some of the issues and organized he worked towards, or whether you think what he is doing is great or not. Nevertheless the blog was great and it helped me get a better understanding on his line of work.

Joan Padaloy said...

I just have to say before I begin to comment that I already love David Suzuki. And, in turn, I really enjoyed this blog post. It really does open our eyes to what David Suzuki is trying to accomplish in the world, trying to save the world and making everyone else see the world through his eyes. Your David Suzuki quotations definitely helped me see his vision better than if you were just to explain it. I also find that the video is very helpful in his mission. I agree with Grace's comment on the fact that your opinion on the matter should have been present on the blog, but then again, your blog presented us with a pretty hefty amount of information on the topic of David Suzuki which makes me want to rethink the length of my blog. Overall, good job, Vilma.

Sarah said...

HEY! David Suzuki is a great example of a human being that has actually used themselves to protect biodiversity on the planet. It is also really amazing that he has over 17,000 followers who are willing to help with his causes and think so highly of his opinions. It is also really good that he has these followers because it makes it easier for him to get the word out about his new ideas and issues that are important for humans to know and become involved in. It is also really amazing that he promotes "Going Pesticide Free" and eliminating all the chemicals in our world that are really harmful to humans and wildlife. Great blog Vilmaa ! :)

Melanie said...

I love how you chose to do your first blog on David Suzuki! He is very known and talented for protecting the environment. It really suprises me that one person could do so much for the environment and start a Foundation with his name on it. I think that his ways of helping the environment is making small differences and will eventually add up. His numerous ways of helping the world is so inspiring. He not only is targeting one problem area, but are doing numerous problem areas. After watching the video posted in your blog, David is such a positive person that he not only just tells us the problem, but numerous ways to how humans are able to do little things that will make a big different in the near future. We as teenagers can learn a lot from this foundation since we are the generation that could help change the future!

MichelleRaju said...

Hey Vilma! I'd like to point out that i admire your focus on David Suzuki in your blog, a man who i see as greatly well-known for his positive efforts toward the environment. I think he expresses a great example on how we can make an impact in our world through our many efforts. While reading your blog, i acknowledged many of his accomplishments in which i did not recognize before. For example, i found it fascinating to learn that the foundation had a project involved with the Olympics in trying to develop strategies for carbon neutral games. He surely seems to be doing a lot in protecting our biodiversity and earth. His efforts are greatly accepted and continue to be supported by many! I now feel more aware of the various issues occurring throughout our world, and how they can be helped by making a difference. Great work Vilma!

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